Education in a broad sense is a process by which an individual acquires the many intellectual, physical and social capabilities needed to function and contribute to his/her society. In an ideal sense, education is an ultimate value and hence, through the provision of social service, it is an agent of change. It is to a nation what the mind is to the body, just as a diseased mind is handicapped in the co-ordination and direction of the bodily activities. Therefore, the single most significant complex of social-control tools for national development is found in the educational system be it formal or informal. Little wonder why Don Luigi Guanella during his lifetime worked assidously for the formation/education of indigent children within his mountanous locality.

Education also helps in nation building whereby nation building which is the implementation of processes that are geared towards recomposing the nation’s institutions so that they can reflect the wishes, needs and aspirations of the wider society. Since education is the pathway to any nation-building enterprise, it provides the following goodies to nation-building and development. Firstly, education creates an enlightened society. This is a crucial prerequisite to nation – building because the more the people become enlightened the more they would refrain from immoral practices that will endanger the nation.

Secondly, nation – building requires a ‘meritocratic’ bureaucracy in order to make the state’s institutions effective. Therefore, with education, the country will have the best human resources that are competent enough to carry the day-to-day affairs of the state. Most states collapse as a result of a low level of education because the human resources is so weak that it is incapable of filling state institutions. But with sound education, this problem could be averted.

Thirdly, nation-building requires a democratic society that allows the contribution of all, rich and poor alike. This is because, with education, there will always be an increase in democratic participation. And this participation will in turn enhance nation-building initiative because the participation of all the citizen is counted in nation-building.

Fourthly, education is very crucial in the formation of cross-cutting cleavages that embrace diversity. Accepting differences is very important to nation building because until we accept our differences and come together to build the nation, progress will never be made. With education, this fear is allayed.

Fifthly, education creates a large middle-class professionals –  teachers, doctors, technocrats in diverse domain. This class is very important to nation-building because they provide the necessary expertise that is needed to building a nation. This is the more reason why emphasis has been laid on education because an educated society is always a strong society, and a society that is set for development.

It has been observed in the life of every child, that there are four important institutions that play a crucial role in shaping its outlook and future prospects. These are the family, the school and the community and the religion of the child. It is these institutions that socialize, inculcate values and norms, as well as anchoring the child.


They educate, train and shape the young both formally and informally into a valuable adult. We all are therefore products of our society. If we are successful in life, we owe that success to our families, schools, religion and society and if we fail, our society must take a certain amount of the blame.

There is no educational system in the world that is culturally, politically and ideologically neutral. Every educational system in every country serves the philosophical, economic and cultural needs of its society.

Often, times, public schooling which ought to make a major contribution by providing appropriate education needed for effective development of the people is lacking in its duties. Thus, it can be effective if properly anchored in the philosophical and cultural ethos of its society.

Unfortunately, in our case it is not quite so. Our education system is still culturally alienating to black people. Thus, if we could get education right we could solve all other problems that exist in our society such as crime and unemployment.

The public schooling system and adult education have to confront the challenge that threatens to reverse or slow down the process of nation building. Research carried out have shown that about six million of our citizens cannot read and write. This, unfortunate situation has and continues to have disadvantages to our people in their quest to better the quality of their lives. Unless we help our people out of this quagmire, our efforts at nation building will be severely hampered. It is because of this lack in the public realm to give adequate standard to our educational system in order to build a formidable nation that PRIVATE SCHOOLS OF THE LIKES OF ROYAL COLLEGE, IBADAN come into existence to respond to this dilemma. Our aim at ROYAL COLLEGE, IBADAN is to give our students a holistic educational formation to build their intelligence with outstanding diligence and moral values.

Have you ever thought of the humiliation and helplessness visited upon our people by being unable to read and write? This imposes on them a condition of perpetual dependency. To break the backbone of illiteracy is a mammoth task that requires commitment and dedication from all of us. Otherwise the noble project of nation building is immensely weakened. So my dear country men and women, hasten to build our nation, Nigeria, by sending your children and wards to ROYAL COLLEGE, BASHORUN IBADAN; A CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL, OWNED AND MANAGED BY THE CONGREGATION OF THE SERVANTS OF CHARITY. YOU CAN STILL CONTRIBUTE TO NATION BUILDING BY SPONSORING TO ANY OF OUR EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS: scholarship for indigent children; contribution of books/writing pads; contribution of social amenities needed in school environments; renovational contributions; etc.

For your sponsorship, you cans reach us through our blog: ; or through our contact number: +2347038236695; postal address of the Congregation of the Servants of Charity: P O Box 11262 Dugbe Ibadan; Acc details: Servants of Charity-apostolate; 0005335384; Diamond Bank.


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